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Get Your Eyes Back

What Will It Take For You To Get Your “EYES ” Back?

Dear Dr Bass,
I look in the mirror and see a “tired” face looking back at me, even after 8 hours of sleep. My eyes use to be my best feature and now they seem to have lost their luster. I probably need something done with my neck but I really don’t want to look overdone. Can I just do something for the eyes?

Tired of Looking Tired


Dear Tired,

Yes that mirror and family photos do bring some wonderful people into my practice. You’ve heard the sayings that 50 is the new 30, and 60 is the new 40. I’m sure it isthe baby boomer generation spreading those comparisons. I do believe that we are aging differently than our parents where 50 was old and people looked like they were 70. Now because boomers are so active and eating better their body is acting and looking younger. But their facial skin is falling and can’t be covered up with clothes. So we do sometimes need an intervention, like plastic surgery to keep the face looking the same age as the body and mind. You describe that your upper and lower face are showing signs of aging. Not a problem. Many of my patients address just the upper half and then whenever they choose they may do something with either dermal filler to lift the cheek/mid-face or choose cheek/neck surgery down the road to get that completed refreshed look. Recovery is about ten days and you will be back on the social calendars. Please call Theresa at 602-485-1010 to schedule your consultation and we can decide on the proper procedure for you to refresh your “tired look.”

Dr. Bass

Dear Dr.Bass,

I have heavy upper eyelids and my eyes are starting to look smaller and smaller. I think that if some excess skin is removed from the upper eyelid then I will get my wide open eyes back again. My friend has the same concerns and was told she needed to have a forehead lift. Why can’t she just have the excess skin of upper eyelids removed?



Dear Confused,

The eye area is a little tricky. What I’ve found is that the eyes look heavy for a couple different reasons. What is the position of the eyebrow when the face is in relaxed position? It is below the brow bone? Are the eyebrow and eyelashes too close? Or is the excess of the upper eyelid skin extending beyond the outer edge of the eye? Or is the eye brow in a proper position but you have no visible upper eyelid. Many questions need to be taken into consideration before coming up with the proper treatment. One surgical procedure does not work for everyone. Let’s see you in consultation to make sure that you will be treated with the correct procedure. Thanks for your question.

Dr. Bass

Dr. John Bass, M.D. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


Dr. John Bass, M.D. Board Certified Plastic SurgeonDiplomate, American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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