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Arnica Massage Oil

The Benefits of Arnica Massage Oil

The Benefits of Arnica Massage OilArnica is a flowering perennial plant from the daisy family. It’s blossoms are used to make arnica oil, an aromatic, yellow essential oil. At Flagstaff Face & Body, we use an arnica oil blended with other relaxing essential oils to help temporarily reduce inflammation, soothe the body and mind, and reduce tension in muscles and joints.

Arnica works by increasing circulation, thereby increasing energy and promoting healing throughout the body. It is widely used to reduce muscle soreness from sports or excersize, and can help to reduce arthritic pain. When topically applied to minor injuries like bruises and strained muscles, it can quickly stimulate circulation to those areas, including the resources and oxygen needed to produce healthy new cells and heal broken blood vessels. When applied to the base of the neck or temples, it can

work to quickly relive migraines or headaches.

When applied to the skin, this oil takes about 3 hours to absorb into the body. Numerous studies have found that arnica can help stimulate the production & activity of white blood cells. This helps stimulate the immune system and increase bacterial and viral resistance.

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The Benefits of Arnica Massage Oil